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Modular Scaffolding

Snappy Modular ScaffoldingSnappy SP-6 with Guard Rail

The Lafayette, IN branch of One Source Equipment Rentals has modular scaffolding, sometimes called "Baker's" or "painter's scaffold" for rent or sale.

These 29" wide units go together easily and can be stacked to 12' with outriggers.

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Snappy product sheet Download.

Snappy SP-6 Parts List
Modular Scaffold Ladder Frame Item Description Weight
SP-L39 39" Ladder Frame 15 lbs
SP-L65 65" Ladder Frame 25 lbs
Modular Scaffold Arm Brace SP-B6 6' Arm Brace 22 lbs
Modular Scaffold Platform SP-P6 6' Plywood Platform 27 lbs
Modular Scaffold Caster SP-C5 5" Caster 5 lbs
Modular Scaffold Guard Rail Kit SP-GRS6 6' Guard Rail Set 90 lbs
Modular Scaffold Outrigger SP-NORP Narrow Outrigger Pkg 25 lbs